Ten Ways to Procrastinate

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Note: This is a Slice of Life post. For more information on what this means, visit Two Writing Teachers Slice of Life Tuesday.


This week my kids (age 8 and 10) are both away at camp so I have a lot of extra time on my hands.  Of course, I created a long list of “to-do’s”, related to teaching, writing, and other unfinished (and un-started) projects.

Here is what I completed on Day One of my “mom” hiatus:

  1. Fold the laundry.  The house has to be spotless, of course, before you can do anything.  Isn’t that a rule somewhere?
  2. Turn on the T.V. for some background noise.
  3. Watch an episode (or 3) of That 70’s Show from the marathon that’s running all day.  This will help to get you in a happier mood.  When you feel good, it’s easier to get things done.
  4. Go to your neighborhood Trader Joe’s to buy groceries for all the healthy eating that you plan to do this week.  (If you don’t have one in your neighborhood, drive to one in another town.  That will add to the procrastinating time!). Image result for trader joe's
  5. Spend five minutes chatting with anyone that you happen to bump into that you know.  (You will most likely see someone).  In my case, it was my daughter’s ballet teacher, who even in “regular clothes,” looked poised and graceful.
  6. Take three minutes to stop in the Kombucha section (even though you have never purchased it ever before).  Peruse the different flavors on the display: Original, Gingerade, Lavendar Love.  Decide on the Gingerade. Image result for gingerade kombucha
  7. Walk through the store in a non-systematic way (e.g. go back to the produce section three times to find the stray items on your list: a yellow pepper, a few apples, a bag of arugula).
  8. Linger at the free sample section longer than necessary.  Today’s items include lemonade iced-tea and tortilla chips with corn salsa.  Your rating? Six stars out of 10.  If Joey and Julia were here, you could sneak an animal cracker from their kiddie sample.  (Sadly, even if these are not on display, Joey will boldly ask for them).
  9. During check-out, wait patiently in line.  Don’t try to move to the “best” lane, even though your check-out clerk appears to be quite a bit slower than the other employees.
  10. Come home and unload the groceries.  If you’re lucky, the marathon will still be on.  Maybe you can catch another couple episodes before bed…


Does this sound familiar?

At the end the day, I thought to myself, “I’ve accomplished nothing today.”  But maybe part of what we need at the end of summer is time to do whatever we want, without any guilt.  Maybe that’s binge watching your favorite show, relaxing with a good book, or sitting on a beach.  Whatever it is, it’s helping to slow down your mind and make space for the busyness that the beginning of the school year will inevitably bring.

We can call it “nothing” but I disagree.  It’s not nothing, it’s something.  So find your something and do it with pleasure.

Enjoy those last few days of summer,


P.S. The Kombucha is actually quite good!




  1. that is my favorite kind of Kombucha. Luc and Gus will drink it, too. Actually, ginger is the only flavor I ever buy (or a variation with ginger) and I like that brand. #11 avoid injury from shattered glass bottles. Note: I notice that red creeping in your website 😉 like it

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  2. Water the vegetables. Go inside. Return to the vegetables and remove dead leaves from tomato plants. This is very important for the self-esteem of the tomato plants. Walk back into house. Decide to have second lunch. Return to vegetable garden to pick kale leaves. Make elaborate smoothie to hide the fact that there are kale leaves in smoothie. Take dogs for walks. Individually. Tell yourself that this is because they behave better when walked solo. Try to write welcome letter to new class. Start by rereading old letters. Check class list to see how many siblings you have from previous years. Remember end-of-year letter that you wrote to class of one of those siblings. Make changes to that letter even though it was sent four years ago. This was a slice of my procrastination today. Thanks for making it seem like it was healthy.

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  3. This is great, Lisa!! I haven’t visited your blog in so long… I’m glad you’re still writing such great posts!


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