Sites to inform and inspire

Here are a few sites that I like:

  1. The Next Step in Guided Reading resource site, by Jan Richardson

This is the companion web site to the book by the same name.  A great resource with excellent teaching tools to help support guided reading.  Many of the PDFs on the site are different from the book and can further enhance your instruction.  A must to check-out if you teach guided reading!

2. Heinemann Digital Reference Library (There is a fee but readers can get a trial subscription to try out the site for two weeks). Once enrolled, you will have access to countless educational articles, professional books, videos and webinars.  A great resource!

3. CLI on the Web

This is a great online literacy learning tool.  Just create a free password and begin.  From there, you can view research, general information, pictures and handy teaching tools about the Literacy Environment, Classroom Communities, Intentional Read Aloud and more.

4. Kid for President – very inspiring! Great to watch with your class or as part professional development with teachers.

5. Rita Pearson – Every Kid Needs a Champion

Rita gives a great reminder of the impact that we have on our students, no matter who they are or where they come from)

6. “What the Other Students are Doing During Guided Reading” – Classroom Management with Jenna

Watch this handy video for tips and ideas to have your students work independently while you meet with small groups.

7. Two Writing Teachers

This award winning blog is a fabulous resource for writing workshop.  Click here (Outdoor Sketching) to read my post from their Slice of Life Tuesday.

8. Say Goodbye to Summer Slide

This is my companion site to this blog, geared specifically for parents. Please check it out!

Please share what you have found useful and inspiring!

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