Chatham Road Bus Stop (Slice of Life Tuesday)

Chatham Road Bus Stop

Joey, 1st grade.

Little hand in mine.

So fragile, yet strong.

Wearing his black Nike jacket,

with red letter on the sleeves.

Carries a Ziploc bag of Captain Crunch

for the walk.

“Look both ways before you cross,”

I remind him.

He does and then we’re there.

I chat with parents,

As he blends into the sea of other kids.

Oblivious to my presence except

for a brief second,

when he rushes over to

press the empty cereal bag into my hand,

then scurries back to his friends:

Cal, Lily, John.

When the big yellow bus rounds the corner,

I see that he doesn’t look back,

even once.

Soon, he climbs aboard

and is gone.


Note: I “found” this poem when I recently paged through some old journals.  “Found” poems are always a nice surprise, yet this is not something that I have focused on much with my students.  

Have you ever taught your students the strategy of looking back through old journals/pieces of writing to find the elements of poetry?

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